Quick and Easy Italian Style Meringue Recipes

Italian Style Meringue Recipes

We bring you this delicious recipe for Italian Style Meringues, some wonderful sweets that you will also know as sighs, and that children and not so children love

Quick and Easy Italian Style Meringue Recipes


Italian Style Meringue Recipes Ingredients :

  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 250 gr of sugar
  • 1 cup [240 ml] of water

Italian Style Meringue Recipes Preparation :

Before we start, we will clarify the most important points to achieve a perfect meringue. For this we need Eggs that:

  •  the whites are: fresh without any yolk
  •  be at room temperature,
  •  normal size type M.

1. Always calculate one part whites and two parts sugar. For this, we will use a measuring cup since the amount of white can vary depending on the egg we use.

2. We put the whites together with the 50 grams of sugar in the bowl of the mixer and leave them there. We won’t start churning yet.
3. Besides, in a saucepan that is small in volume but wide to help the steam accelerate, we add the 200 grams of sugar and the water.

4. It is carried over high heat until the sugar melts forming a thick syrup, and while we are beating the whites.
The syrup will continue cooking until we see that there is practically no water. We will know if we insert the tips of a fork in the syrup and when lifting it the syrup takes time to fall. At that time it is added to the blender where the whites are little by little

5. Once it is finished incorporating, continue with the whipping until the preparation is firm and at room temperature.

6. You can add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to make it whiter.

7. If we are going to use it to decorate a dessert, we can add one or two tablespoons of icing, icing, or powdered sugar during the last step of whipping the white to ensure that the meringue is firmer and protect it from ambient humidity until it cools.

8.It is used to decorate desserts or to integrate it into different preparations such as ice cream, whipped cream, creams in general, etc.

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